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                                                                       SERMON INDEX

NB: Use some of our or your own sermon tales.

A worthy preacher will preach from the Scriptures and his heart and not from his head.

It is important to make notes of the direction of your sermon. See 'Am I my brother's keeper'  for example.

01.   David and Goliath.

02.  The rapture of the Church.

03.  The Second Coming of Jesus.

04.  Water baptism.

05.  The hour has come.

06.  Eclipse of the sun.

07.  The sower.

08.  The Roman road.

09.  The resurrection of Jesus.

10.  The crucifixion of Jesus.

11.  The King's finances.

12.   Heaven.

13.   Hell.

14.  The Holy Spirit.

15.  The Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

16.  The Gospel.

17.  The Bible.

18.  The marriage feast.

19.  The Bride.

20.  The watchman.

21.  The 7e miracles of Jesus.

22.  The 7e parables of Jesus.

23.  The 7e I am of Jesus.

24.  The Church.

25.  God and man.

26.  Faith.

27.  Prayer.

28.  God's plan for man.

29.  He handpicked us.

30.  Am I my brother's keeper.

31.  In the beginning.

32.  Your sin will find you out.

33.  Jonah.

34.  Jesus needs him.

35.  Your conscience and the renewal of your mind.

36.  Jesus.

37.  Power in the blood of Jesus.

38.  Praise and worship.

39.  Love.

40.  Sin.

41.  Shake the snake off in the fire.

42.  Samson and Delilah.

43.  Chastise.

44.  Forgiveness.

45.  Five crowns.

46.  Five judgments.

47.  Where are you.

48.  Where will you be on the day of your funeral.

49.  What you sow is what you reap.

50.  The wisdom of king Solomon.

51.  Jesus cleaning the temple.

52.  On the road to Damascus.

53.  Watchman of the night.

54.  The finger of God.

55.  The prodical son.

56.  Repentance and born again.

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